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Sarah’s Senior Pictures

November 10th, 2014

It’s been neat watching the kids around our block grow up into young adults. Sarah is one of those kids where we can’t figure out when they grew up. We spent the evening photographing in beautiful fall scenery around Rochester. It was beautiful weather, and bright golden light, you can’t ask for much better natural light. Congratulations Sarah, on your achievements. We wish you the best.

Senior with sun flare
Sarah 02
Girl senior on bridge
Sarah 04
Senior with fiery fall leaves behind
Senior in front of ivy
Sarah 07
senior girl with jacket and fall leaves
Senior girl in black dress in front of Rochester MN historic watertower in fall
Sarah 10
Sarah 11
Sarah 12

Kirby & Phillip Wedding

November 10th, 2014

We had the honor of photographing Philip and Kirby last month in Spring Valley, MN. It was a tad cold and windy that day, but it turned out to be a beautiful day with lots of sunshine, and bright fall colors. Kirby and the girls gathered at Kirby’s house to get ready, which provided us lots of neat places to photograph the wedding dress and other details. We later met out at Good Earth Village for their first look. This spot is special to them because Kirby had spent a lot of time there growing up, and they also had their engagement photos were taken there. Though there was a chill in the air, Kirby was tough enough to stick it out, and we were able to get some really neat photos of the two of them before heading back to the church.

The ceremony was held at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. It was fun to tag along with the couple on the trolly ride from Spring Valley to Lanesburro, MN where the reception was held at the Community Center. The wedding party made a couple of pit-stops along the way, at 4 Daughters Vineyard, and a little bar named Bent Wrench, in Fountain, MN.

We are so happy for Philip and Kirby and hope they have a wonderful start to their beautiful marriage.

Kirby and Phillip - wedding couple kissing on dirt road with fall leaves in full color around
Wedding dress with green waist hanging in window
Wedding dress and significant boquet representing groom's mother
Boquet flower arrangements
Bride's green shoes with wedding flowers
Wedding couple first look
Wedding couple kissing at overlook ot Good Earth Villiage
Bride resting head on groom's shoulder
wedding couple holding hands
Two images with Bride holding her boquet
Two black and white images of bride and groom interacting with kids
KirbyPhillip 12
Two images of ceremony
Father walking bride down the aisle
KirbyPhillip 15
View from pastor’s perspective of bride and groom kissing
Bride and groom leaving ceremony
Bride and groom kissing in back of trolly
Bride and groom kissing in row at Four Daughters Vineyard
Bride and groom kissing in row at vineyard
Bridesmaids looking back over shoulder as they walk away in vineyard
Two photos of bride and groom having fun with wedding party
Wedding party on Trolly Tour bus
Bride and groom showing their ring fingers looking like they are flicking off viewer
Best Man, and Maid of Honor speech
Bride and groom dancing


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Tabitha – Senior Session

October 6th, 2014

Tabitha is another student from Austin who first saw our senior photos of Grace that we took last year. Originally we were going to go to her in Austin, but she liked the photos of Erik recently taken in Rochester, so decided to come here instead.

The weather was so nice out, and we were able to just hang out with her and her mother and take really nice photos. Tabitha was great to work with and her creative personality really showed through the pictures nicely.

Tabitha Senior photo
Two pictures of senior in old doorways at the historic center in Rochester, MN
Senior picture with sun flair to the back
Soft look senior photo
Senior girl sitting against wall on old porch at History Center in Rochester, MN
Beautiful senior in front of old door
Soft pose in front of wall and old red door
Two images of beautiful senior in downtown Rochester, MN
Black and white image of girl laying in the grass
Two images of Tabitha taken in downtown Rochester, MN
Two images of Tabitha, the first she is sitting relaxed at outdoor restaurant table, the second she is in mid turn walking away, but looking back
Tabitha Tabitha in front of brightly colored mural with peace signs

Erik – Senior Photos

September 13th, 2014

Erik’s family has been friends of ours for several years. We were very excited when they contacted us about doing Erik’s senior photos this summer. Erik will be graduating from Austin High School, where he is very involved in soccer. We photographed in the Rochester downtown area, and had fun running around including standing in the middle of the street to take some fun photos. We are so excited for what this year will bring you Erik!

Erik senior photo standing in street as cars wiz by
Senior photo shirt & tie
Erik senior photo
Close up senior photo of Erik
Erik senior photo in coffee shop
Senior photo
Erik Two senior photos of guy in downtown Rochester, MN
Erik Senior photos of guy playing soccer
Erik 09

Mandy & Levi’s Wedding

July 31st, 2014

Believe it or not, Levi and Mandy’s relationship started over a broken air conditioner. Oh, sure, they knew of each other through church, but it took Levi coming over to help fix the air conditioner to break the barrier. He had thought she was cute, but surely and out of his league. She on the other hand, thought he was too “cool” to notice her. Since that day, their relationship has been filled with lots of laughter, great memories and a beautiful relationship.

They chose the Historic Center as a location to take their much of their photos, which provided a really neat environment. It also fit perfectly with their rustic theme at the reception. All the colors and and decorations were so beautifully thought out and designed.

Much more than just a beautiful day though, was the beginning of a wonderful life together. We are so happy for these two.

Levi & Mandy at the History Center in Rochester, MN

Wedding flags that each have a word, together saying Here Comes The Bride

Groomsmen boutonnieres, and bride's earringsMandy getting hair done for wedding
Groom getting bowtie on by window, brother helping
Bride and Groom in front of red barn door at History Center in Rochester Minnesota
Bride, Mandy with a gentle smile, holding her boquette
Black & White portrait of bride looking back at groom
Two photos, the first is a portrait of Mandy the bride, and the second is the groom, Levi kissing her cheek
Mandy and Levi near walled garden at History Center in Rochester, MN
Focal point on flowers with bride & groom behind
Three images of boys in wedding party playing at rustic barn
Two images of flower girls
Girls in wedding party all wearing a shade of blue
Two images of bride and groom coming down the aisle
MandyLeviWed 16
Three images of Levi and Mandy's wedding ceremony
Bride and groom cutting cake
Black and white photos of bride adn groom dancing at reception
Levi and Mandy embracing on wedding day


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Mandy & Levi Engagement

May 25th, 2014

We first met Levi at a Help Portraitt photography event, and have become good friends in the years since. Mandy and Levi met at church, and although they were shy at first, they soon became friends and formed a relationship. Mandy has a passion for children’s ministry and is, children’s director at Hope Summit Church. Levi is a talented cinematographerr and photographer as well and I’ve gotten to take part in some of his creative endeavors. They are a great couple and have lots of fun together. We had a great time hanging out with this couple for a few hours, downtown Rochester for their engagement photo shoot. As we’ve mentioned, engagement shoots are special to us, because we really get to know the couple in a more relaxed and playful way.

In just a couple weeks, we will be photographing this couple’s wedding. Congratulations to you Levi and Mandy! We are looking forward to your wedding day!

Engagement kiss with warm glow of the sun glinting off
Engagement photo of Levi & Mandy dancing in downtown Rochester MN at the Peace Plaza
Two engagement pictures of Mandy and Levi
Engagement couple laying in grass looking into each others eyes
black and white portrait of engagement couple kissing
Engagement couple walking down alleyway in downtown Rochester, mn
Engagement couple in glowing light
Engagement couple Selfie on park bench
Two joyful pictures of engaged couple
Close-up of woman’s broach as couple embrase

Senior Pictures – Annika

October 21st, 2013

It’s really hard to believe Annika is a senior already. We met Annika and her parents close to 6 years ago, when we moved into the neighborhood. It’s been neat to see Annika mature into a fabulous young adult, and grow in her wisdom intellect. Amy says she will miss the conversations she’s use to having with Annika next year, when she goes away to college. We are confident she will do well at and succeed in whatever she puts her heart into. We are so proud of you, Annika.

Anika playin chello in woods - senior photo
Close up of Anika playing chellow in wooded medow - senior photo
Anika senior portraits
Senior portrait of Anika with red leaves in background
Senior picture of Anika in front of Rochester, MN city skyline
Senior photo of girl with fence - vanishing point
Black and white senior photo of Anika

Timo & Angie’s Wedding

September 26th, 2013

Since this wedding is near and dear to Amy’s heart, I thought it was only fitting that she write the explanation for this post. Here is what she wrote:

Our first wedding overseas was an amazing experience for two reasons. The first being it was my first time leaving the country, and the second was the reason we were going: to photograph my sister’s wedding in Germany. Angie and Timo were married in Heidelberg, Germany at the Heidelberg Castle. Germany has many castles but what makes the Heidelberg Castle unique is its rich history. It has survived many attacks, including being pummeled by French cannons and later a fire. Though there were parts of the castle destroyed, much of it is still preserved and beautiful to behold. It was a very romantic location with the grand, old structures and also known for the world’s largest wine barrel.

Just hours before the wedding ceremony, Justin and I were able to steal away the couple for some fun photos at a nearby vineyard. It was a nice chance to visit with Angie and Timo before the wedding. The ceremony was set for early evening, and some of those closest to the couple attended to support and take part in their joy. The bells chimed and the organ echoed through the vast chapel with arched ceilings. Angie walked down the isle with confidence. The ceremony was spoken in English and and German which added to the richness of joining their two lives. The ceremony was short, with tears shed and laughter heard.

After the ceremony we went out onto the balcony where the couple greeted their guests. With the sun just starting to set over the town of Heidelberg, it’s hard to imagine a more romantic setting. The city glistened below with their red rooftops and store fronts.

The reception was held at a little country club where a pig was roasted and excellent, traditional, German food was served. Local German beer was served, trays of shnopps (a somewhat strong drink to help with digestion) were passed around, and glasses of champagne from France, were raised in many toasts to the newly wed couple. Friends and loved ones came to support and welcome Angie into Timo’s family as well as share in the wonderful celebration. With lots of laughter, a bit of good dancing and singing, the night was greatly enjoyed by everyone.

We can’t express how happy we are for Angie and Timo and how thrilled we are to have Timo in our family. Being able to travel to Germany, and be a part of their important wedding day, was a huge privilege and a bit of a dream come true.

Wedding rings in bunch of grapes in vineyard
Engaged couple kissing in vineyard
Engaged couple kissing in grape vineyard row
Panoramic view of Heidelberg Castle in Heidelberg, Germany
Courtyard inside Heidelberg Castle
Bride walking out of arched doorway into the light
Two black and white pictures of bride at Heidelberg Castle in Heidelberg Germany
Groom looking out door and getting ready
Close up of Bride holding boquet of flowers in doorway of castle
Bride waiting by doorway of church at Heidelberg Castle
Bride walking down aisle
Bride and groom at ceremony
Wedding in chapel at Heidelberg Castle
Bride and Groom at alter in chapel at Heidelberg Castle
Bride and groom kissing after ceremony in arched doorway
Bride looking down outdoor hallway at Heidelberg Castle
Bride standing in doorway of castle lookout
Wedding couple, Timo and Angie looking out over Heidelberg from castle
Wedding couple kissing at Heidelberg Castle
Bouquet of flowers
Wedding couple looking off into vista of Heidelberg from Heidelberg Castle in Germany


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Grace Senior Session

July 28th, 2013

grace: n. simple elegance or refinement of movement or courteous goodwill. It also means an attractively polite manner of behaving. We have known Grace and her family for many years. We would describe her as having all these attributes associated with her name. Grace is very intelligent, confident and elegant. She loves singing and acting. With Grace’s connections with the Austin theater, she was able to borrow some vintage costumes from the theater department for her Sr. photo shoot session and had connections that gave her the ability to access and use Modern Design & Concepts in downtown Rochester to have her photos taken at their location. We were so excited to learn of this. It gave us a neat opportunity to photograph in a completely new setting and work with some really fun backgrounds and props. We are very thankful to the studio for allowing us to use their space for Grace’s photo shoot.

Once again, this was a really fun photo session for us and we are so proud and happy for Grace. May God be with you and bless your last year of high school!

Teen Girl in dress in flowers and grass
Senior female on couch
Grace on textured background
Two senior pictures woman against brick wall
Teenage Woman on blue background
Senior in field & by flower bush
Senior teen in vintage dress reflected on waterTwo images of teen senior next to pond
black and white picture looking over the shoulder
Senior teen girl laying in grass

Mikaela & Nathan’s Wedding

June 9th, 2013

Star Wars Christmas Special. That’s how Mikaela and Nathan jokingly referred to their wedding day. When they set their wedding date several months ago, they chose May 4th because Nathan is a big Star Wars fan (“May the Fourth Be With You”). However, their dreams of being married outside under a huge oak tree at the Mayowood Stone Barn were buried under 15 inches of heavy, wet snow in a record-setting, late spring, snow storm that covered a narrow strip of Minnesota, just days before their wedding. Though the couple was disappointed, they took it in stride and the ceremony locations was changed to the loft of the barn, which was also beautiful. Lit by twinkle lights and skylights, the old barn had a very warm and natural glow.

Mikaela started off her day at Salon Chic where she and her bridesmaids, all in their pajamas had their hair and make-up professionally done. What a fun sight to see these beautiful women with their gorgeous hair, all wearing PJ’s. Mikaela had a lace wedding dress and proudly wore her “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” gifts, which were presented to her by the mothers.

Nathan, focused his early morning attention, along with the other groomsmen and set-up crew, to get the remaining details ready. With the amount of work to be done and as stressful as it was, Nathan handled it well.

Things to know about Nathan and Mikaela: They love to laugh. They love movies, theater pop-corn, board games and having fun. We loved how their wedding was so different and really showed their personality through little things.

The ceremony was uniquely theirs. Instead of a unity candle they lit the lantern that Nathan used when he proposed to Mikaela. Their wedding vows left the guests and each other in tears and laughter. Their love for each other was so beautifully expressed and shown through the vows they spoke to each other.

After the ceremony, tables were set up for board and lawn games upstairs so guests could hang out, play games while eating movie theater popcorn, ordered specially for their wedding. The seating arrangement for dinner was according to tables named after some of their favorite movies. The Grand Entrance, with Star Wars theme music, ended with the bride and groom battling it out with light sabers on the dance floor. Star Wars bobble head vs. Disney Princess Cinderella cake toppers for their wedding cake made out of rice crispy bars, and drizzled in marshmallow frosting with cookies on a separate platter. They also arranged for us to do a photo booth with props, for fun pictures they will use as a gust book. We enlisted our friend and photographer Matt Harthan to help us with this. Everyone enjoyed the couple’s fun humor and jokes throughout the night. We are so happy for Mikaela and Nathan and truly pray for their marriage to be filled with many years of endless love and laughter.

Bride and groom embracing on a snowy day
Wedding bouquet and shoes in window at the Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, MN
Macro shot of Wedding Bands on wooden window cill
Bride dressing in rustic setting at Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, MN
Triptic of bride and bridesmaids details
Bride preparation
Family seeing the bride for first time
Groomsmen getting ready
Bride with bridesmaids behind her in a line
Flower girls playing on steps at Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, MN
Bride coming out of dressing room as flower girls look on
Bride and bridesmaids doing team huddle
Father of the bride putting on veil
Flower girls, bride and father ascending stairs
Father walking bride down the aisle
Father giving bride away
Bride and groom kissing then walking down the aisle and flower girl picking up rose pedals
Bridal party formal portrait on yellow couch

Groom with bride in background
Bride and groom portraits at Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, MN
Bride and groom
Three views of rice wedding crispy bars cake
Bride feeding groom rice crispy bar
Wedding photo booth
Looking in on reception and dance at the Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, MN
Mayowood Stone Barn at night

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