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Debra & Timothy’s Wedding

December 6th, 2012

Debbie and Timothy are great to have as next-door neighbors. When they announced their engagement, we were excited to share in their joy. Tim grew up on a farm near Plainview, MN and has deep roots in that area. So, it made perfect sense for their ceremony to be held in the little chapel about a mile down the road from the old farm. The church is no longer in use as a church, but is kept up and maintained by the owners of the property. Kerosine chandeliers glowed, casting light on the beautiful woodwork and left the atmosphere warm in spite of the outside chill.

After the ceremony, they first stopped at a small local bar and park for pictures, then were greeted warmly by guests as they arrived at the Stumble Inn 2 in Plainview. We are so very happy for you both and are happy to be a part of your wedding day.

Groom by country fence post on with clouds rolling in
Groom holding farm kitten
Two images of boquet on vintage gas pump
Older gentleman lighting kerosene lamps
First look bride coming to meet groom in old country church
Girl looking out stained glass window
View of wedding ceremony through kerosene chandelier
Wide angle views of ceremony in an old country church
Black and white images of bride and groom in old country church
Tim and Deb hugging
Two images of bride and groom in front of old country church in rural Minnesota
Formal wedding portrait along the side of old courntry church
Bride and groom walking by tall trees next to a veiw of a rural valley
Rolling clouds with bride and groom embrasing by old country church

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