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Mandy & Levi’s Wedding

July 31st, 2014

Believe it or not, Levi and Mandy’s relationship started over a broken air conditioner. Oh, sure, they knew of each other through church, but it took Levi coming over to help fix the air conditioner to break the barrier. He had thought she was cute, but surely and out of his league. She on the other hand, thought he was too “cool” to notice her. Since that day, their relationship has been filled with lots of laughter, great memories and a beautiful relationship.

They chose the Historic Center as a location to take their much of their photos, which provided a really neat environment. It also fit perfectly with their rustic theme at the reception. All the colors and and decorations were so beautifully thought out and designed.

Much more than just a beautiful day though, was the beginning of a wonderful life together. We are so happy for these two.

Levi & Mandy at the History Center in Rochester, MN

Wedding flags that each have a word, together saying Here Comes The Bride

Groomsmen boutonnieres, and bride's earringsMandy getting hair done for wedding
Groom getting bowtie on by window, brother helping
Bride and Groom in front of red barn door at History Center in Rochester Minnesota
Bride, Mandy with a gentle smile, holding her boquette
Black & White portrait of bride looking back at groom
Two photos, the first is a portrait of Mandy the bride, and the second is the groom, Levi kissing her cheek
Mandy and Levi near walled garden at History Center in Rochester, MN
Focal point on flowers with bride & groom behind
Three images of boys in wedding party playing at rustic barn
Two images of flower girls
Girls in wedding party all wearing a shade of blue
Two images of bride and groom coming down the aisle
MandyLeviWed 16
Three images of Levi and Mandy's wedding ceremony
Bride and groom cutting cake
Black and white photos of bride adn groom dancing at reception
Levi and Mandy embracing on wedding day


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