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Mikaela & Nathan’s Engagement

November 19th, 2012

Movies, popcorn, boardgames… These are some of the interests that Nathan and Mikaela share that make them seem like a fun couple to hang out with. We spent the evening splitting our sides, yet trying hard to pause laughter long enough to get in a few photographs in during their engagement photo session. We loved how fun and carefree they were in front of the camera—not at all camera shy. The weather called for clear skies, so they drove down from the cities, only to be met with a somewhat dreary sky over Rochester. Not really sure what we were all in for, Nathan & Mikaela were in great spirits and up for the adventure.

We tried to work fast to beat the quickly fading fall light. However, the overcast, and sometimes rainy sky however quickly choked out any existing available light so we improvised by bouncing flash and then eventually heading downtown outside the historic Chateau Theatre (now Barnes & Noble store). They both enjoy watching movies together so the theater lights seemed fitting. The lantern used in the earlier photos was also something of meaning to them since Nathan had wanted to use as part of his proposal to Mikaela.

We can’t wait to photograph their wedding this spring and look forward to being a part of there big day. A little warning to those invited, be prepared to laugh; they’re a hoot.

Engagement photo of woman whispering into ear
Engaged couple hugging in forest with red lantern between them
Engaged couple laughing together under tree
Peering through branches at engaged couple kissing
Two pictures of engaged couple kissing
Engaged couple dancing in front of old historic Chateau Theater which is now Barns and Noble in Rochester, MN

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