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Dajana & Mike { Preview }

September 2nd, 2012

Here are a few teasers from Dajana & Mike’s wedding. We were thrilled to be a part of their day.

Gride and Groom portrait in woods with balloon
Bride and groom kissing behind balloon
Two images of bride and groom kissing and flirting on trail

Senior Pictures – Elisabeth

August 30th, 2012

We first met Elisabeth a few years ago when we were helping out with a middle school youth program at church. We are in denial that she is a senior already. Elisabeth is involved in hockey, and enjoys playing the guitar. We were very excited when we learned we were going to take her senior photos. We couldn’t me more proud of her and the person she has become.

Two pictures of a girl leaning on rustic wood barn.
Senior girl posing against historic wall with red door in the background. Taken at the Rochester, MN Historical Center
teenage girl laying in the grass with necklace in-hand
 teenage girl in red dress playing guitar
Two black-and-white photos of a girl, one standing next to ivy and the other playing a guitar on rustic wooden porch.
Teenage girl sitting on rustick wooden porch, reclined against the wall of a historical brick house
Two photos of a teenage girl standing in a rustic doorway
Senior Photo - girl with hockey stick, high-contrast lighting in front of red barn wall

Jake’s Senior Pictures

August 17th, 2012

Jake is a great senior. Amy and I enjoyed photographing him. He shows a lot of maturity for his age and is really good at BMX biking. His step-mother Sarah is a former coworker of mine and a good friend with Amy. It was good seeing them again.

We started photographing him at the Silver Lake skate park & bike trails, then photographed near some old buildings and Quarry Hill, then wrapped it up back at the skate park. Congratulations Jake on your upcoming senior year.

Senior photo Jake in front of green door
Guy Senior photo, close-up in alleyway with ivy
Two senior photos of Jake—one with his suit coat drapped over his shoulder and the other a casual shot in front of green door.
Senior photo, guy in suit in front of brick wall
Jake's senior picture at Quarry Hill Nature Center in Rochester, MN
Senior picture, guy laying in the grass looking up
Senior photo buy looking up at camera
Senior photo BMX jumping
Senior photo on BMX bike with sun trails overhead
Jake's senior photo jumping BMX over dirt hill.

Oreofeoluwa – Newborn

August 17th, 2012

She is here! We are so happy to introduce you to Oreofeoluwa, or known as Ore. Her parents, Tai and Yemi (we’ve posted maternity shots here & here) are so proud and overflowing with love for their new daughter. Wide awake and aware of everything around here, Ore had such amazing attentiveness for a newborn. We did two photo shoots with her. The first one was within the first 10 days, and the second one about a week later. Ore was well aware of all that was going on around her, and anytime our camera fired, her eyes would pop wide open. I don’t think I’ve met a newborn so excited to see the world that they just don’t want to sleep. Still, she was really sweet, easy-going baby to work with.

Newborn baby girl in soft blankets, looking upward
Newborn on stumach looking toward camera
Mother with sleeping newborn girl
Newborn baby girl smiling and laughing
Two pictures of mother and father holding newborn baby girl
father kissing newborn daughter
black and white photo of a newborn sleeping

Bloom Family

August 8th, 2012

There are certain friends you have for a period in your life, and then their are life long friends. Our history with the Bloom family goes back to many years. Micah and I went to the same high-school in Owatonna, and Sara and my wife Amy were roommates in college. Our lives are connected in many ways. Micah and Sara, now living in Minot, North Dakota and when they were able to come back home for a month this past summer, they asked us to photograph their beautiful family. We always love spending time with the Blooms so this was a photo shoot we were really looking forward to.

Micah is now an art professor at Minot State University, and their family is naturally very creative. We had fun exploring some very unique photographs from photographing a sleepy-eyed portrait in the morning, to kids at play, to Adam and Eve, and even the classic family photo of being splashed with a tub of cold water, we may be setting a new direction for work! Below are some images we are really excited to share with you since we had such a great time worth remembering.

Family sleepy eyed
two pictures girls looking up into camera
Bloom family by pond
Magical light, Girl with flowers in hair
two pictures of girl with hair wreath
Girl pulling hair out of her mouth
Two pictures of girls running with motion blur
view through the flowers of a girl with hair wreath laughing
Two vintage pictures of married couple
Man pretending woman is a marionette
Little girl with flower
Two vintage pictures of a girl in the flowers


Later that evening…

At my brother’s house, and at Micah’s request, we of course had to throw a spin on the traditional family portrait.


Second Maternity Photos with Yemi & Tai

June 26th, 2012

Here is part two of Yemi and Tai’s maternity photo shoot. We were so excited to once again meet up with them. We started of at their place to photograph some tummy shots for comparison from our last photo shoot. We noticed Tai had a “Practical Handbook for New Dads” book he was reading which we were so amused that we had to incorporate it in the shoot. Their great sense of humor and flexibility added to the fun of the afternoon.

It turned out to be a very sunny and hot day when we headed out to our next location. In order to keep our photos fresh and Yemi comfortable, we headed to the Plumber House for lots of great shady spots to photograph in. Yemi was a trooper, in how she handled the heat and was willing to try anything. Yemi and Tai are such a handsome couple and compliment each other well. Personally, we probably could have continued photographing this couple all day.

Can’t wait to meet their precious baby to photograph her in a couple weeks… or less. 😉


Krista & Billy’s Engagement Photos

May 20th, 2012

We are happy to introduce to you another great couple. Krista and Billy love the outdoors. Four wheeling and horse back riding are just a couple of the ways they enjoy spending their time together. We drove near Harmony, MN to photograph their engagement photos and instantly fell in love with the amazingly beautiful area! We met up at Krista’s parents house, where their wedding ceremony will be. They loaded the horses and transported them to a nearby location rich with rolling hills and blooming fields of flowers. I have to tell you the stone house, we were told, is one of the locations where Jessie James gang hid for a short time. It made for a great background for a few of our photos.

We are so excited to share these images with you all, and really look forward to photographing their wedding later this summer.

Engagement photo of Billy and Krista walking horses
Engagement picture guy swinging girl around
Engagement couple in cowboy boots
Engagement couple kissing near historic Jessie James home.
View through broken window of engagement couple kissing
Engagement photo of couple kissing on double path dirt road
Engagement couple embrasing at sunset
Engagement couple with horses
Engagement ring on hand resting on horse
Engagement couple with cowboy and cowgirl boots riding a horse
Engagement couple kissing on horseback - out of focus
Engagement couple Krista and Billy riding at sunset with clouds

Maternity Photo Shoot with Yemi and her husband Tai

May 20th, 2012

We met Yemi and Tai through church, and they recently asked us to take pictures of Yemi as she progresses through pregnancy and then after the baby is born. We were delighted to take a small part in their lives welcoming this little one.

We met up with them at their apartment and just took some casual shots around the house. You can tell these two are really excited for their first child. And, seeing this couple’s deep love for each other and knowing it will spill over into this child, we couldn’t help but be delighted also! We can’t wait to photograph them again before Yemi’s due date, and again after the baby is born.


My daughter

November 14th, 2011

I got to spend an evening with just my daughter and myself around her birthday. We went to the nature center nearby and I got to take pictures of her and enjoy her company. It is one of my sweetest memories with her.

Girl laying in autumn grass
two pictures of girl walking along path in boots and standing next to autumn trees
girl laughing with arms above her head
four pictures of girl laughing & running in tall grass
girl standing in a knoll

Rachel & Chanou’s Wedding

November 1st, 2011

Our friends, Rachel & Chanou were married in early October when the fall colors were beginning to turn into their beautiful hues.

We were so excited to photograph at the historic Mayowood Stone Barn. It is a fairly new wedding venue and until recently was one of the best hidden gems in Rochester. We arrived that morning to a breath-taking autumn vista with the remnants of a gorgeous fog that slowly dissipated as the crisp air was slowly warming. I’m not sure you could ask for a better day for a wedding.

We started the day taking detail shots of the flowers, dress and settings. Rachel, with help from family and friends, created all of the floral arrangements and bouquets. We were really impressed with their skill and attention to detail. She chose deep reds and rich fall colors with white accents.

The ceremony was held outdoors underneath the arched arms of the massive old oak tree that sits beautifully in the middle of the property. It was truly something to behold this union framed by these massive branches, as the vibrant leaves were irradiated by the sun’s warm rays.

After the ceremony, guests entertained themselves with yard games, appetizers, and beautiful weather while we photographed more of the wedding party. The appetizers and main meal were catered by Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe. The pulled pork was remarkable. After a wonderful meal filled with much laughter and stories shared, the couple cut and shared a bit of pie before heading to the dance floor on the second level of the barn. I’m sure there will be many fond memories of being a part of this wedding day. Chanou and Rachel, Congratulations and God bless you both as you start this wonderful journey together.

Bride with flowers
Bridal bouquet
Two pictures of brides veil and shawl
Reception decorations at Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, MN
Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, MN
Groomsmen getting ready
Grandfather dressing ringbearer
Groom getting ready, looking in mirror
Bride getting hair and makup done
Bride shoes kicked off
Groomsmen in Ultimate Fighter stance
Flower girl playfully posing
Two black and white photos of groom waiting for bride
Bride coming out of doorway with ivy hanging down around brick wall
First look - bride approching groom
Groom kissing bride on cheek
Bride and groom under veil
Mother hugging bride
A formal photo of bridesmaids and personal attendent with bride
Four photos of bridal party having fun
Wedding rings on leaf
Two images of bride with bouquet, one focused on the bouquet, the other photo looking down on bride
Bride and father preparing to enter outdoor ceremony
Father walking bride up the aisle
Bride putting on groom's ring
Lighting unity candle
Signing wedding certificate
Girl in white dress swinging on rope swing
Wedding reception, laughter
Best man's speach
Bride and groom pie cutting
Bride and groom entering the dance floor
DJ leading Macarena dance
Three pictures of groom taking off girtle
Bride and groom dancing

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