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Tabitha – Senior Session

October 6th, 2014

Tabitha is another student from Austin who first saw our senior photos of Grace that we took last year. Originally we were going to go to her in Austin, but she liked the photos of Erik recently taken in Rochester, so decided to come here instead.

The weather was so nice out, and we were able to just hang out with her and her mother and take really nice photos. Tabitha was great to work with and her creative personality really showed through the pictures nicely.

Tabitha Senior photo
Two pictures of senior in old doorways at the historic center in Rochester, MN
Senior picture with sun flair to the back
Soft look senior photo
Senior girl sitting against wall on old porch at History Center in Rochester, MN
Beautiful senior in front of old door
Soft pose in front of wall and old red door
Two images of beautiful senior in downtown Rochester, MN
Black and white image of girl laying in the grass
Two images of Tabitha taken in downtown Rochester, MN
Two images of Tabitha, the first she is sitting relaxed at outdoor restaurant table, the second she is in mid turn walking away, but looking back
Tabitha Tabitha in front of brightly colored mural with peace signs

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