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Timo & Angie’s Wedding

September 26th, 2013

Since this wedding is near and dear to Amy’s heart, I thought it was only fitting that she write the explanation for this post. Here is what she wrote:

Our first wedding overseas was an amazing experience for two reasons. The first being it was my first time leaving the country, and the second was the reason we were going: to photograph my sister’s wedding in Germany. Angie and Timo were married in Heidelberg, Germany at the Heidelberg Castle. Germany has many castles but what makes the Heidelberg Castle unique is its rich history. It has survived many attacks, including being pummeled by French cannons and later a fire. Though there were parts of the castle destroyed, much of it is still preserved and beautiful to behold. It was a very romantic location with the grand, old structures and also known for the world’s largest wine barrel.

Just hours before the wedding ceremony, Justin and I were able to steal away the couple for some fun photos at a nearby vineyard. It was a nice chance to visit with Angie and Timo before the wedding. The ceremony was set for early evening, and some of those closest to the couple attended to support and take part in their joy. The bells chimed and the organ echoed through the vast chapel with arched ceilings. Angie walked down the isle with confidence. The ceremony was spoken in English and and German which added to the richness of joining their two lives. The ceremony was short, with tears shed and laughter heard.

After the ceremony we went out onto the balcony where the couple greeted their guests. With the sun just starting to set over the town of Heidelberg, it’s hard to imagine a more romantic setting. The city glistened below with their red rooftops and store fronts.

The reception was held at a little country club where a pig was roasted and excellent, traditional, German food was served. Local German beer was served, trays of shnopps (a somewhat strong drink to help with digestion) were passed around, and glasses of champagne from France, were raised in many toasts to the newly wed couple. Friends and loved ones came to support and welcome Angie into Timo’s family as well as share in the wonderful celebration. With lots of laughter, a bit of good dancing and singing, the night was greatly enjoyed by everyone.

We can’t express how happy we are for Angie and Timo and how thrilled we are to have Timo in our family. Being able to travel to Germany, and be a part of their important wedding day, was a huge privilege and a bit of a dream come true.

Wedding rings in bunch of grapes in vineyard
Engaged couple kissing in vineyard
Engaged couple kissing in grape vineyard row
Panoramic view of Heidelberg Castle in Heidelberg, Germany
Courtyard inside Heidelberg Castle
Bride walking out of arched doorway into the light
Two black and white pictures of bride at Heidelberg Castle in Heidelberg Germany
Groom looking out door and getting ready
Close up of Bride holding boquet of flowers in doorway of castle
Bride waiting by doorway of church at Heidelberg Castle
Bride walking down aisle
Bride and groom at ceremony
Wedding in chapel at Heidelberg Castle
Bride and Groom at alter in chapel at Heidelberg Castle
Bride and groom kissing after ceremony in arched doorway
Bride looking down outdoor hallway at Heidelberg Castle
Bride standing in doorway of castle lookout
Wedding couple, Timo and Angie looking out over Heidelberg from castle
Wedding couple kissing at Heidelberg Castle
Bouquet of flowers
Wedding couple looking off into vista of Heidelberg from Heidelberg Castle in Germany


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